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LPG Caps/Plugs

LPG Caps/Plugs

LDPE. Developed with the LPG industry. Help prevent dangerous gas leaks. Meet LP Gas Association Code of Practice 15: Part 2. Strapped to help prevent loss and for ease of replacement. Marked with direction of fitting/ removal. Test Pressure: Propane/mixes (styles 1 & 2) 26 bar. Butane (style 3) 26 bar. Independently tested to with stand these pressures, while providing gas-tight seal, even under extreme temperatures and adverse conditions (test results and certificate available on request). Materials - Type 1: Plug: HDPE, Strap: LDPE. Type 2: Cap: HDPE. Type 3: Cap: HDPE, Strap: LDPE

številka naročilatip*Service connection**Valve TypeValve DescriptionMain Gas Typekosov v embalažicena/embalaža/koscena/kos
1104711105-P.O.L 5/8"BSP - LHTPropane1000 kos0,56 EUR0,91 EUR
4671402109AW21,8x1/14"LHTDifferent250 kos0,48 EUR0,79 EUR
1102563403-20mm Threaded ProtectionButan1000 kos0,77 EUR1,3 EUR
1102573402-21mm Threaded ProtectionButan1000 kos0,77 EUR1,3 EUR

* According to LP Gas Association Code of Practice 15: Part 2.
**According to DIN 477 Part 1.

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